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In this program, we work on helping the visually impaired achieve physical, social, and emotional independence and maintain quality of life. In (re)habilitation, we either continue to work with children who have entered our Early Intervention Program. In this case, their development process is more advanced than those who come to us after the age of 3 years, or we start with basic skills that are supposed to be taught at an earlier age.  

The skills taught include:

  • Orientation and mobility skills.
  • Self-help (Independent dressing and grooming, hygiene and toileting, and helping with daily chores like table setting and picking up toys).
  • Social skills (e.g., how to interact within a community, how to properly present themselves, and social manners).
  • Technology and computer proficiency using computer equipment, such as a screen reader, to read the information on monitors or in print.
  • Literacy in reading and writing with Braille, large print, optical devices, or training in the effective use of available vision.
  • The rights and responsibilities of VIPs (we ensure that our community of VIPs understand their legal rights and responsibilities in the community and know how to ask for these rights).
  • Recreation and leisure activities.
  • Being an active member of society (the problem we often face with VIPs is that society is used to undermining their abilities and is quick to provide sometimes unnecessary help).
  • We implement in our community of VIPs that they must be independent and proactive members of the society who should help others and receive help when necessary.

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