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Throughout our work, we have conducted diverse formal and informal training and provided consultancy to various government bodies, such as:

  • Providing consultancy to the Ministry of Social Solidarity on deciding the services the government’s rehabilitation offices should provide to VIPs. Choosing the training they need to provide these services and conducting evaluations on the specific needs of people with visual impairment needs.
  • Supporting the Ministry of Education through providing knowledge on how to implement inclusive education and the assistance needed for people with visual impairment in their education process and examinations. 
  • Providing training to public and private schools’ employees on the needs of people with visual impairment and how to assist them (this is different from the special training program we provide to school teachers). 
  • One main target this year in our training program is informing government health professionals on the importance of habitation and rehabilitation services for people with low vision and the services that should be provided for a child who is identified as blind or low-vision aside from medical services. 

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