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For a child with visual impairment, other senses, and – in the case of low vision – the use of remaining or residual vision are critically important for learning and developing essential skills (physical, cognitive, social, pre-Braille, and self-help).

Support by trained and knowledgeable professionals in the field of visual impairment is essential to help children develop these senses to the best of their ability.

At Baseera, Early Intervention services are provided by specially trained early childhood blind/low vision specialists. The specialists work with the child and with the parents to teach them how to support their child’s development in the following areas:

– Intentional movement (orientation and mobility)

– Development of motor skills (e.g., rolling, reaching, crawling, walking, and use of hands to manipulate and explore objects)

– Daily living skills (e.g., eating, dressing, toileting)

– Concept development (e.g., object identification, function, and characteristics)

– Social and emotional development

– Language and communication development

– Making the most of residual vision through stimulation in case of low vision

– Using all the senses to promote children’s development

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