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At Baseera, we realize the importance of research in developing the lives of VIPs in Egypt. One of our primary goals is to be a resource center in Egypt and other Arab-speaking countries. There are many opportunities for quantitative and qualitative research to be conducted in Egypt.

At BASEERA we support rsearch that covers:

Through screening of schools and convoys:
  • Early detection of visual impairment that could be prevented fully or partially
  • The total number of people with visual impairment in Egypt with proper data classifying those who are blind and those who have low vision
  • Collecting data on people with visual impairment in each governorate and where they reside
  • Status of people with visual impairment and the medical, education, and social services provided to them in each governorate 
  • The problems facing children with visual impairment in being mainstreamed in regular education in each governorate.
  • The social perceptions of people with visual impairment in Egyptian society. 
  • The quality of medical support people with visual impairment receive in each governorate (important especially for preventive blindness) 
  •  The type of services provided by the government’s rehabilitation centers around Egyptian governorates 

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