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Inclusion is the key to the successful education of students with visual impairment. According to The Center for Studies in Inclusive Education, inclusive education means disabled and non-disabled young people learning together in ordinary school provision, with appropriate support networks. They should have access to the same information at the same time and, if possible, in the same way. They should participate in and enjoy mainstream settings to their best abilities.

 Education goals for students with visual impairments are essentially the same for all students. The goals are effective communication, social competence, and personal independence. However, students with visual impairments require specific interventions and modifications to their educational programs to accomplish these goals. Appropriately assessing these unique educational needs in all areas related to the disability and adapting instruction to meet these needs is essential to ensure appropriate educational programming.

 At Baseera, we support integration of students with visual impairment in mainstream education through our specialized team that works with them to ensure that they are on the same level as their peers and are receiving the necessary assistance. Tools such as the teaching aids and exam methods are developed according to the child’s evaluation, but with the condition that the curriculum should not be different from their sighted peers.

 Our program consists of:

– Comprehensive education assessments of students with visual impairment to identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

– Adapting curriculum  and methods of teaching for students with visual impairment, especially in subjects that usually require visual learning, such as geography, science, math, etc.

– Providing supporting material needed (e.g., raised maps, 3D shapes, etc.).

– Forming an individualized education plan for each child.

– Providing equipment needed for each student according to their needs (e.g., Braille machine, low vision aid).

– Training children on the usage of specialized technologies.

– Individualized education support in all school subjects.

– Training People with visual impairment on the specialized skills needed to learn in alternative methods through utilization of the other senses.

– Providing them with early career and vocational skills.

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