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Low Vision Center

One of our main goals at Baseera is to create a low-vision center in Egypt by covering scholarships for health professionals to get proper training on low vision in international universities. The universities chosen provide professionals with the required type of education، which will allow those professionals to return to establish with Baseera، the low vision center in Egypt. To achieve this، we need to build partnerships with donors willing to fund such a vital project that develops the lives of people with visual impairment in Egypt.

A Clinical low-vision specialist should be specialized in low-vision testing، diagnosis، and treatment and are trained to conduct low-vision eye examinations and prescribe special low-vision devices. The Low Vision Specialist uses unique charts and materials for assessing distance and near visual acuity that are not routinely used in general eye examinations. It goes beyond the prescription of standard spectacles to provide optical، non-optical، and/or non-visual devices to help individuals meet their specific visual needs for distance، intermediate، and near activities. It includes gathering information about the individual’s functional use of vision by a clinical low-vision specialist، even when optical devices may not be beneficial، to provide techniques for maximizing the functional use of vision.

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