Who We Are

Creating a paradigm shift to the full Inclusion of people with visual impairment.

To become a sustainable organization promoting the total inclusion of the visually impaired to become fully independent, proactive & productive members of an accepting society.

In order to realize our vision and mission we work through a comprehensive approach, which is explained below:

Our Comprehensive Approach

BASEERA is a non-profit Egyptian organization, founded in 2004 by Ms. Doaa Mabrouk, in partnership with her mother Dr.Sawsan El Messiri, Inspired by the knowledge Ms. Doaa Mabrouk and her family gained through supporting their son Mohamed who was born with a visual impairment. Today Mohamed holds a MBA from Harvard University and is working as an engineer.The organization combines the expertise of Ms. Mabrok in development of people with visual impairment and Dr. El-Missiri's extensive experience in sustainable development. Ms. Mabrok and Dr. El Messiri established BASEERA with a vision that every person with a visual impairment can reach her/his highest potential if provided with the right sources and support system.

BASEERA empowers and enables the Egyptian visually impaired community in order to realize their abilities and become independent, proactive, and productive individuals in an accepting society. In order to reach this goal, BASEERA works through providing a set of services for people with visual impairment which is characterized by being a fully integrated and comprehensive approach towards care; starting with prevention, treatment, early intervention, habitation and rehabilitation, and education services. On the other hand, we realize at BASEERA that in order for people with visual impairment to be empowered they need a strong supporting system. Thus, we provide training to the surrounding communities of the people with visual impairment, specifically caregivers, teachers, and health professionals. We conduct on-going research on the status of Visually Impaired Persons in Egypt, needs, and the direction the world is taking in developing the lives of people with visual impairment. In addition we advocate the making, amendment, and implementation of policies for people with visual impairment. Moreover, we work on raising people's awareness about people with visual impairment, their capabilities, and how to support them to have equal opportunities like anyone in the society.